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Animals, Internet and You…

It is a new age, or maybe it is just the changing of the tides and me getting older.  Online I am a member of a Wire Fox terrier group.  I love seeing the pictures of peoples’ ornery pets, but sometimes it is people asking advice about the breed as well.  These sites can be […]

Winter Blues

As the weather gets colder, your pet might need some winterizing of their own.  It is harder to get out and get exercise during the colder months.  This could mean something as simple as adjusting the feeding schedule to a little less food to account for the more snuggle time hours and less yard play.  […]

Tips and Tricks in Caring for your Pets

There are a lot of things out there on Google that might be steering our pet owners in a wrong direction at times.  Not everything on the internet is true, I know that is shocking news!  A few things that owners frequently read on the internet about fleas can be some of the everyday myths […]

Why Do Animals Need Blood Tests?

There are many reasons why a veterinarian may want to pull blood from your pet in a yearly exam appointment.  In dogs, there are heart worm tests, glucose checks, complete blood counts, and chemistry profiles to name a few.  In cats, there are feline viral tests, and complete blood counts and chemistry results.  These are […]

Cats Can Be Confusing…

Although cats might be thought of as a lower maintenance pet than dogs, sometimes that is not the case. Not requiring daily walks and the cats’ lack of concern for your general well-being can be deceiving. They are a source of constant amusement on the internet and annoyance when it comes to string or things […]

Letting Go of a Beloved Pet

When at a veterinarian’s office with a terminal or nearing the end of their time here pet, please remember a few things.  Letting go of an animal is never going to get easier or be one size fits all.  We as veterinarians get asked, “Doc, if it was your pet what would you do?”  I […]

Emergency Medicine- Call A Dog-ter?

When owning a pet or livestock it might be hard to tell whether to call the vet after-hours or not.  The most common call after hours is vomiting or digestive issues.  Although horribly unpleasant for you as the owner, there are many different reasons for an animal to vomit.  Some are not an emergency, but […]

Finding the Right Pet… Fur-ever

Choosing the right pet for your family may seem like a daunting task.  There are many things you should consider.  First would be your lifestyle.  If you are a busy, active family that wants a companion that can go with you there are a lot of dog breeds that could be the right fit.  I […]